Rich Media Bot Builder

Intuitive, fun, and easy to use.

Building a Bot is Easy using our Intuitive Rich Media Bot Builder

Create an unlimited amount of Messenger bots with your easy, fun, and intuitive Rich Media Bot Builder. Enjoy the AI of Facebook Messenger combined with SociChat's multi-channel platform, designed for easy to use and navivate..

Able to Send Multiple Rich Media Replies

Our Bot Builder allows you to send multiple replies at one, so it looks like a normal conversation. For example, you first send a Text Message, then a video, then a Quick Reply with a button asking them to reply to your request, etc...
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Unlimited Bot Reply's and Conversations

You are not limited to the amount of bot reply's you want to set up. You can have multiple conversation funnels, segemented Subscriber lists, with a different respond and flow according to lead type (ie, prospect, customer, etc).