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A Powerful Facebook Research Tool to Compare and Search for Businesses

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Find New Customers

  • Know your competition. Find out quickly how they are engaged on Facebook, and if they are getting good reviews and happy results.
  • Get the results you need and when you need them, to find new customers.

Place Search Research

Search Place in Facebook comes with a lot of information (address, phone, website, Facebook page, like, reviews, check-in, about etc). You can search through filters and see search results for a particular location anywhere in the world based on any topic/keyword. This search tool will help you to find new clients for website design, social media marketing, graphics design. or SEO marketing.

Compare Websites

Comparing websites helps you to compare # of shares in Facebook, # of reactions and comments, and more. Comparison between websites gives you a clear idea about the existence/marketing strategy in Facebook for each company.