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Live Website Chat can increase conversion rates up to 48%!

Add a Customized Customer (change colors, bot responses, etc) Chat Widget to your webpages for Live Support. When given a choice between email, phone and chat, more prefer chat to get quick answers to their questions.

Embed Code or Wordpress Plugin Options

Marketing is easy with SociChat, and with a simply snippet of embed code added to your webpage, the chat widget shows up. Optionally, install our Wordpress plugin, activate it, and our widget will show on your wordpress pages. How cool is that!.
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Turns Website Chats Leads into Bot Subscibers

With SociChat, when someone responds to your website chat widget, they are automatically turned into Bot subscribers. Why is this important? Once they are a subscriber, you can have regular follow up with them to promote your brand, send updates, give more information, etc....